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“Gabrovo-Sokolski monastery”

Nearby the house in the area Sokolova cave is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Bulgaria – Gabrovo- Sokolski monastery “Virgin Mary’s assumption”. It is located upstream of the Yantra river, high above the northern slopes of the “Old mountain”. In the middle of the spacious monastery courtyard , surrounded by flowers and […]

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Architectural and historical museum “Ether”

About 3 km from “Sokolski Monastery” is situated historical-architectural museum “Ether” – one of the hundred tourist destinations and the only outdoor museum in the country. Here is the only one bulgarian collection of technical equipment, powered by water – nap, mills, fulling-mill, grinder, etc. “Ether” is associated with “Sokolski Monastery” and the trail […]

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Dryanovo monastery

No more than 30 km far away from the “Ether” is Dryanovo monastery “St. Archangel Michael” – one of the most visited monasteries in Bulgaria, combining the rich history and breathtaking scenery. 300 meters from the monastery, in the canyons of the river Andaka and river Dryanovska, is the cave “Batcho Kiro” – a […]

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Dryanovo city

Draynovo is about 8 km  by Dryanovo monastery. The small picturesque town is rich in historical and architectural landmarks – “Clock Tower”, the bridge over river Dryanovska,  house – museum “Koliu Fitcheto”, “Ikonomova house”, church “St. Nikola”.

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Gabrovo –  the town of hundred bridges and monuments

At less than 12 km northwest of the guest house “Daskalov” is Gabrovo – the town of hundred bridges and monuments . On rock in river Yantra is situated the statue of “Ratcho Kovatcha” – founder of Gabrovo. According the legend, the name of the city came from the hornbeam tree above his workshop.

It’s […]

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Bozhentsi village

15 km east of Gabrovo is Bozhentsi – an architectural and historical reserve. Here is preserved the architecture from the Renaissance. Characteristic of houses are verandas, roof slate, corner fireplaces, carving on the ceilings. Bozhentsi streets are “carpeted” with cobblestone pavement.

True mastery of Renaissance architecture represents basilica “Prophet Eliyah” where it can be seen […]

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The city of Tryavna

Tryavna is 20 km east of Gabrovo. Preserved Renaissance architecture and cultural heritage of this period attracted many tourists. Square “Santa Nicholas” is the most important, unique and the only one in Bulgaria fully preserved Renaissance square with the famous clock tower of the city. Houses in the architectural reserve retained its authentic appearance […]

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Peak Shipka

About 22 km south of Gabrovo rises Shipka, where was built the “Monument of Freedom” – part of the National park museum “Shipka”. The park covers monuments, recovered items, batteries and dugouts of the defenders of Shipka during the Russian-Turkish War.

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Kazanlak is less than 30 minutes drive away. It is located in the Rose Valley and is an attractive tourist destination. Tourists could visit the largest and the best preserved in the country tomb “Kazanlashka” and also the “Museum of the Rose”. Nearby is the ancient city Sevastopolis and the Valley of the Thracian […]

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